World Diabetes Day 2017: Thank You, Great Job & You Are Magnificent!

Today is world Diabetes Day - Dr. Banting's Birthday and the day when those of us living the diabetes life wear blue, educate other,s about life with D, tweet, chat, and live our lives with diabetes. 
Diabetes is hard work, it�s never ending and what we do as people living with diabetes, goes unnoticed and under appreciated by the mass, most of the time. 
Seriously, THANK YOU for dealing with diabetes 365 days a year with no time off for good behavior. 
THANK YOU for pricking (and dealing with pricks, personified,) and bleeding for your diabetes health when it comes to blood sugar checks, fasting labs, and the likes there of. 

THANK YOU for dealing with insurance company bullshit on a weekly basis, fighting for you (or your loved one's coverage,) and BRAVA for making it look easy. 


Fantastic job counting carbs - even when you have no freaking clue and wild ass guesses, included!

Phenomenal job dealing with snarky diabetes comments from people who don�t understand. 

Diabetes burnout - you live with it, and it likes to rears its annoying and ugly head from bring us down - and it tries it�s best to keep us down. 
Getting back up can be so damn hard and there are moments when it seems like we can�t.
Thank you and great f^c$ing job for falling down seven times and getting back up eight.

MONDO job advocating, educating for yourself and others living with diabetes and doing the best you are able to do, every damn day. 

Thank you for the tremendous job you do for helping others (including myself,) in the Diabetes Online Community and in real life. 

STANDING OVATION for all your diabetes victories - big and small. 

Thank you for for inspiring others, for showing them that they are more than the number on their glucose meter or A1C. 
Thank you for showing healthcare professionals that every number has a story; word choice matters, and people with diabetes are PEOPLE first.  

YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT - never forget it! 

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