California Silver Plans Cheaper Off Exchange in 2018

Rates are now live for California ObamaCare 2018 health insurance plans.

Silver Plans on the marketplace experienced an additional premium rate increase.  This increase is to compensate for the loss of CSR (Cost Share Reduction) subsidy funds from the federal government.  

Those who receive tax credit subsidy (and cost share subsidy) will generally not experience any substantial premium increase for 2018.  

Those who are not eligible for subsidies and want a to enroll in a Silver plan would be better served purchasing coverage in the private market.

An example I ran on myself aged 58, Santa Clara County:

Blue Shield Silver 70 PPO Covered CA $1,298
Blue Shield Silver 70 PPO Off Exchange $1,198 (save $1200/yr premium)

Anthem Blue Cross Silver 70 EPO Covered CA $1,066
Anthem Blue Cross Silver 70 EPO Off Exchange $1,021 (save $540/yr premium)


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