Trump Slashes Enrollment & Advertising Budget for O-Care 2018

Word on social media that the Trump Administration is reducing the costs of advertising and non-licensed enrollment assistance (Navigators) by up to 90% for 2018.

Panic in certain sectors that people won't be able to enroll for coverage.  

Advertising will be decreased from $100 million in 2016 to $10 million in 2017 open enrollment season.  Navigator/Assister funding will be capped at the amount of enrollment goal achieved in 2016.  If a Navigator group only achieved 60% of their goal, they will only receive 60% of funding for 2017 open enrollment.  Remember, this is for states using the federal markeplace ( to facilitate enrollments.  States with state-based exchanges like Covered CA may choose a different path for their funds as they are, at this point, self-sufficient.
Before the ACA (ObamaCare), only licensed agents/brokers were allowed to sell or solicit the sale of major medical health insurance coverage.   Many of us are still out here and ready to assist   And just like Navigators (and other non-licensed "assisters"), working with a licensed and certified agent costs you nothing.  


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