ObamaCare Disintegration Begins in Iowa, Tennessee

Things aren't looking good for ObamaCare in Iowa and Tennessee.  

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield has announced that they will offer no health plans for 2018 in Iowa.  On that news, Aetna announced they would also leave the Iowa market in 2018.  The remaining two health insurers for Iowans in 2018 may be regional carriers - Medica Insurance Company and Gundersen Health Plans.  And Medica is not a solid bet right now...

A third Iowa insurer, Medica, told CNBC is has not yet decided whether to continue selling plans there next year. Medica is the only company to offer individual plans in all of the state's counties. The fourth insurer, Gundersen Health Plan, said that its current plan is to participate in the Obamacare marketplace in Iowa.

If Medica pulls out for 2018 that will leave only Gundersen which does not sell plan in all Iowa counties.  

Iowa Obamacare market gets second big hit as insurer Aetna says it will drop out in 2018

Related, Humana has announced they will exit the Knoxville, Tennessee market at the end of the year.  Humana is currently the ONLY carrier offering health plans in that area and covers about 40,000 subsidized Tennesseans who may not have any choice of carrier in 2018...

When Humana pulls out of the exchange next year, roughly 40,000 people will be without an option for a subsidized insurance policy unless another carrier steps in.

Knoxville the first place Obamacare could fail

I am beginning to hear grumblings for other states as well but nothing specific at this time.  

In California, keep an eye on Molina and Oscar for 2018.  


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