ObamaCare �secret� bill details will soon be made public

House Republicans plan to release the details of their ObamaCare replacement plan next week.  
House Republicans huddled this weekend to finish their ObamaCare replacement plan, while also trying to stanch criticism about a secretive and stalled process by revealing some specifics and vowing the bill will soon be available for review.
�This plan will be out next week, and everybody will have a chance to see it,� Georgia Rep. Buddy Carter, a pharmacy owner and Republican member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, told Fox News� �America�s News Headquarters.� 

According to Buddy Carter (R-Georgia), the replacement will include:

  • Americans with pre-existing conditions will qualify for coverage as with ObamaCare
  • Young adults will be able to remain on their parents plan to age 26
  • Will include focus on HSA 

I will post the details once the plan is released to the public.


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