Further GOP Amendments To The AHCA (TrumpCare)

The House GOP has made further amendments to the AHCA (American Health Care Act) in an effort to appease various segments of the house GOP.  AHCA is scheduled for a full House floor vote on Thursday (3/23).

According to Modern Healthcare, some changes include...

  • end most of the ACA's taxes at the end of this year, one year earlier than in the original bill
  • bar any new states from expanding Medicaid
  • establish a work requirement for Medicaid
  • give states the option to receive federal Medicaid funding in the form of fixed block grants
  • increase the growth rate of capped federal payments to the states for elderly and disabled beneficiaries
  • delay implementation of the ACA's excise tax on high-value employer health plans for an additional year
  • penalize New York state for requiring some counties to contribute to Medicaid funding
I would expect that even more changes may be coming in order to gain the necessary support for the AHCA.  I will update any news.


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