Dear Jason Chaffetz, If My t1 Diabetes Cost As Much As A New iPhone...

Dear Jason: 
My constituents don�t pay for my type 1 diabetes either - I do 
Actually, I don't have any constituents, but if I did, I'd remember that I work for my constituents - and not just those in my state, but all those in my country and no matter which side of the political fence they sit.
I'd remember that they voted me in and that those same constituents can vote me out. 

Your insensitive asinine remark about Americans choosing between the latest iPhones and investing in their own healthcare really pissed me off. 
I'm invested in my own health care -I don't have a choice not to be! Every American is - who the hell are you to say that they aren't?!
Jas, you have no clue about health care costs because you don't have any. 
I would love it, if you wrote and sponsored a bill stating that every member of Congress and Senate go on the same plan as ACA or the Republican Replacement plan - which one would you rather have? 
If that clause was factored into the Republican Replacement Healthcare plan, you can be sure it would be much better than what's currently in that unmerciful plan. 

Dude, I dream of the day when my yearly diabetes costs equalled the cost of new iPhone - I kid you not @jasoninthehouseTHAT WOULD BE HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Hell, I�d settle for my monthly diabetes costs equaled the cost of my current ATT data plan, which equals $106 per month for unlimited data. Sweet data plan or sure, but I was grandfathered into it  - YAY ME. 

Honestly Jason, If my t1 diabetes cost as much as a new iPhone, I wouldn�t be up at night worrying about the cost of diabetes. Costs like (but not limited to,)  insulin; test strips, insulin pumps, Doctors bills, monthly premiums and miscellaneous RXs.

If my diabetes cost me as much as a new iPhone, my bank account would have a lot more zeroes in it. 

If my diabetes cost as much as a new iPhone, my anxiety levels would be even keeled and my stress levels would be down - thus my blood sugars would be better with less effort and less insulin. 

Stress costs a boatloads. Staying healthy is stressful and paying for health insurance is even more stressful - you don't know that because you don't actually pay for your health insurance, but TRUST ME, IT'S FUCKING STRESSFUL. 

As of late and thanks to what�s going on re: the Republicans trying to replace ACA (and other things like the EPA, Dept of Education, ETC,) I�m stressing, BIG TIME. 

But back to your iPhone fiasco, statement.
If my diabetes cost as much as a new iPhone, I wouldn�t have to fight with CareCentrix every three months to get the proper amount of test strips. 

If my yearly pump supplies cost as much as a new iPhone - I�d be whistling fucking Dixie.

If my 2015 deductible equaled the cost of a new iPhone, I would have met it long before I did. 

If my diabetes cost as much as a new iPhone I�d have peace of mind and a busted pancreas, instead of anxiety and a busted pancreas. 

For the record, @jasoninthehouse,  I finally bought a new 6+ iPhone in December of 2014 - just as my second hand, 5.5 year old iPhone 3 was starting to die. 

Yeah Jason, I wish my type 1 diabetes only cost $749 a year, plus, $39.96 for an iPhone case and $106  dollars a month for voice and data. 
BUT IT DOESN'T. The cost for my healthcare is a hell of lot more and I've been paying through the nose!
Except, this year I signed up for ACA and holy health care Jason, the difference is HUUUGGGEEE. 
I'll tell you all about it in my next post, where I talk about my pre ACA, post ACA insurance cost breakdown. 
Until then, #saveACA, start paying for your own healthcare and iPhone, and get off your high horse! 

Kelly Kunik
Person with t1 Diabetes &  Diabetes Advocate 

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