How Will Donald TRUMP ObamaCare?

With the election of Donald Trump as the next US President, healthcare reform and ObamaCare are on the chopping block.  There is media speculation that a transformation away from the current ObamaCare system will be rather immediate once Donald Trump is sworn into office in January.  

While changes are certainly coming, I would not expect a wholesale changeover immediately, but rather over the course of 2017.  My hope is to see an open market available at any time during the year (like it used to be) instead of an abbreviated Open Enrollment Period.  

Below are some key points to a Donald Trump-Care system and a link to his Healthcare Reform Paper which goes into more detail...

 1. Completely repeal Obamacare.
 2. Modify existing law that inhibits the sale of health insurance across state lines.
 3. Allow individuals to fully deduct health insurance premium payments
 4. Allow individuals to use Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).
 5. Require price transparency from all healthcare providers.
6. Block-grant Medicaid to the states. 
7. Remove barriers to entry into free markets for drug providers that offer safe, reliable products.

How swiftly changes will be made remains to be seen.   Trump has indicated that these changes represent one of his highest priorities so I would expect solid information early in 2017.  Donald Trump's Vision for Health Reform are also on his website.

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