Covered CA Plan Rates and Increases 2017

The 2017 Covered CA health premiums are now quoting. And folks, some plans just don't want to play. Here is the breakdown for myself in Santa Clara County between 2016 and 2017 on Silver plans on-exchange in order of monthly premium price:

Valley Health HMO was flat for 2017 rate increase below 1% ($701)
Anthem Blue Cross PPO for 2017 rate increase 11% ($781)
Kaiser HMO for 2017 rate increase 7.5% (785)
Health Net HMO for 2017 rate increase 23% ($916)
Blue Shield PPO for 2017 rate increase 23% ($993)
Give me a call for rates and options for your coverage in 2017. There will be cases where buying off-exchange may be less expensive depending on subsidy levels.
A licensed agent can shop both markets.

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