California Obamacare Rate Increases Much Less Than Other States

Covered California's Peter Lee explains why California's individual & family health plan rate increase for 2017 is much lower than the national average.  This is a good read and shows that California was far ahead of the curve.

Covered California has already posted average premium increases of 13.2 percent, compared with a nationwide average of 25 percent. Part of that jump is due to the end of �reinsurance� payments to cover insurers� losses the first three years, but also because of pricier prescription drug and medical costs, as well as more unhealthy consumers signing up.
A big part of where other states has floundered has been because of political opposition by state governments. They adopted policies like not expanding Medicaid (to enable more individuals to qualify for subsidies). In many states, the politicians who have been so against Obamacare have brought upon their own citizens the rate increases we�re seeing across the country. ... In California, for four years running, we�ve put politics on the back burner. We�ve succeeded in not making consumers the political football that gets kicked in the name of national politics. 

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