I Don't Feel Like Diabetes Today - But Thanks To The DOC, I'm A Buttercup, So I will~

Because when you know you're not alone, you can "suck it up,Buttercup," with the best of them~
Today I am a Buttercup~
I don�t feel like doing diabetes today. 
Yep, I don�t feel like bloody dealing with diabetes in any shape or form.
And today for some reason, the thought of constantly checking my blood sugars and counting carbs each time I contemplate putting food into my body/ wondering if I need a correction bolus to even things out, makes me want to scream.

Nor do I feel like dealing with a lunchtime elevated blood sugar and downing tons of water that will make me pee like a racehorse. 
I�m annoyed that after three days of damn near perfect numbers, I stubbornly waited to switch out my site and paid for my bull-headedness with a 263 #bgnow.
I don�t feel like worrying that this brand new pump infusion site, may or may not syphon insulin and I didn't like realizing after the fact, that I placed said infusion site in a spot that will be difficult to access when I go swimming on the beach this weekend. 
If the site does indeed suck up insulin as opposed to just sucking, I can already see myself struggling to disconnect and connect  - sitting on my beach chair and draping myself in towels, stretching my legs and the leg of my bathing suit towards my chest and fumbling until I hear the �click� that means insulin will once again be subcutaneous flowing through my body. 

Of course I could put in a new site, but real-estate is valuable on the island of Kelly K, and if this site does work I  wont replace it until Sunday morning. 
Speaking of insulin - I don�t feel like worrying that my insulin will go skunky because tomorrow the humidity will be back with a vengeance.

Yep, I don�t feel like dealing with diabetes today. 

I will, because I must - and so will you.

But it feels really good to say I don�t feel like dealing with diabetes today, because somehow saying it out-loud/typing it out-loud and sharing those wordsfor all the world to see, and giving me the strength to �suck it up, Buttercup, it� and do what needs to be done. 

Sharing these thoughts with you reinforces the fact that I am not in this alone, which means I can "suck it up, Buttercup," with the best of them! 

So thanks guys and carry on!  

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