A Crazy April & Playing Catch-Up

Sorry for being MIA as of late guys, but April was a whirlwind for me and playing catch-up with life is taking longer than I thought. 
I travelled to and attended 3 inspiring conferences in April - and whose posts are finally being written now.  
FTR: I tried following American Airlines advice re: seat exercises during my April flights,
but the exercises above actually required leg room, and there was none.
Things got awkward quick.
#IwishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes Day occurred two days after I returned from my last conference and it was AMAZING.
I've had slew of writing assignments and you bet your funky pancreas I�m grateful for the work and the deadlines! 

Speaking of writing assignments and traveling, I wrote this piece about diabetes and traveling for MangoHealth.com, and I�d be ever so grateful if you�d click HERE and give it a read! 

I�ve also been trying to prepare myself for wrist and hand surgery that�s scheduled for May 17th. 
Getting pre-surgery clearance from my Doctors, trying to organize and clean my house so 
I don�t have to worry about that kind of stuff when my flipper�s stitched and bandaged. Completing deadlines so they won�t be hanging over my head while I�m recovering, practicing making and eating dinner with on one hand - that kind of stuff. 

Then there�s the whole �I�ve never had surgery,� thing. 
Yep, I�m slightly freaked and for several reasons.
  1. Did I mention that I�ve never had surgery before? 
  2. It�s my dominant hand
  3. I have some concerns re: with infusion site changes. 
But I�ve put the surgery off long enough and I can�t wait to be done with it. 
And even though I'm scared - BRING. IT. ON.

A short update for sure, but more meaty blog posts to follow in the next few days~ 

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