#IwishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes Means That Every Day With Diabetes Is Different

Today is World Health Day -and the 2016 focus is all about diabetes and "beating diabetes,"  and I'm glad that the focus of the world is focused on diabetes. 
I�m seeing lots of tweets/articles/posts about diet and exercise and beating up diabetes- and that�s great - but there are other things that come to mind, (at least for me,) re: living with diabetes on a daily basis for 38.6 years and counting - and no matter the D type. 
Sidebar: This year's #IwishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes Day is on Wednesday April 20th and it's been on my mind a lot
I feel a little funning writing about it today, but I am, because the hashtag is in my head and stuck on repeat.
Lastly, Today's post was also inspired by last night's #DSMA chat, which was awesome, every single person living with diabetes, as well as the #IwishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes hashtag and Day and World Health Day, #who
I hope you can relate~ 

#IwishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes means that every day of living with diabetes is different . 
Some days are brutal no matter what I do - or don�t do -and those are the days when I have to plow through the muck because I must. 
Some days are surprisingly easy and diabetes is playing so nice that I wonder if somehow my pancreas secretly started secreting insulin and didn�t bother to let me in on the joke - until I realize that the joke�s on me and my blood sugar numbers/body is suddenly in desperate need of insulin. 
Insulin that is the elixir of my life and yours, and the price of which - along with my diabetes supplies keeps me up at night. #insulin4life

Most days I�m the one who�s in charge of diabetes - but on the days when diabetes takes the lead and throws a bitchfit, D becomes even more difficult, frustrating, maddening than normal D bitch mode. 
Those are the days when I drink copious amounts of water and coffee throughout the day because of a low hi/gh blood sugar hangover because I have work to do if I want to get paid. 
And it�s on those days that I end up crying the ugly cry and I�m glad I�m not famous because nobody needs to see that shit in high def. 

Other days diabetes makes me laugh because sometimes diabetes is funny and if I didn�t laugh I would go apeshit crazy. 
Plus, laughing is good for the soul and the blood sugar and saying �I�m high,� in public never gets old. 
There are moments (OK, days, weeks, etc.,) when I wish I could take a vacation from diabetes - but I know I can�t. So I bring diabetes with me on my vacation - along with copious amounts of diabetes supplies, sunscreen, comfy shoes and shoes that are anything but comfortable, but make my legs look amazing.
There are days when diabetes becomes a teaching moment - even when I don�t necessarily feel like teaching. But when all is said and done, I�m glad that another person learns a diabetes fact/reality - and that makes me feel really good. 

Some days it's not my diabetes that worries me - it's other peoples. 
I worry for my friends health and I worry about people around the globe living with diabetes without access to insulin, test strips, and the likes there of - and I'm angry and sad all rolled into one.

And on all of the above days and every day in-between, I know that I have my D tribe both online and off and I want every single person in the world to find the DOC Tribe - because it makes life... and life with diabetes so much easier. 

So If I haven�t said it lately, thank-you D tribal members, thanks for always �getting it,� getting me and putting up with me. 

Finally, #IwishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes means that we are in this together - and that my friends is a wonderful thing~ 

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