American Girl Diabetes Care Kit Review & Giveaway

Very cool and incredibly detailed, American Girl Diabetes Care Kit~
Two years ago, the then 11 year old Anje Busse created a Change.Org petition asking American Girl to create a line of Diabetes accessories for their dolls. And that's exactly what American Girl did~
Like everyone else in the DOC, I was thrilled when I heard the news that American Girl had created and was launching the American Girl Diabetes Care Kit for their line of �Truly Me� Dolls.  
I reached out to AG and they were kind enough to send me my very own American Girl Diabetes Care Kit. 
My very own American Girl Diabetes Care Kit~
The kit comes fully loaded with diabetes accessories and I am so incredibly impressed with the details and thought that went into creating the diabetes accessories.
The logbook has a stitched back binder, the insulin pump has a clip and arrow keys, and from the BG number on the pump�s screen, I've come to the conclusion that it also has CGM capabilities.   
The tube of glucose tabs look just like the tubes of glucose tabs I keep in my car and my gym bag. 
The medical ID bracelet is pretty and perfect for a young doll with Type 1 diabetes. Sidebar: I believe that an American Girl Doll who wears a medical ID bracelet will encourage the little girl who loves her, to wear their own medical ID bracelet/ necklace. 

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that American Girl included an insulin pen in their Diabetes Care Kit because just like real life, your diabetes may vary and not every little girl wears an insulin pump. 
The kit�s meter has a test strip already inserted, the number on the screen matches the number on the insulin pump, and a lancing device. 
All the diabetes accessories fit nicely into the kit�s carrying case, which has a working zipper and ID Card all ready for you and your doll to fill out. FYI: when I spilled water, I discovered the kit�s bag was water resistant.
And now for more awesomeness: The folks at American Girl have generously agreed to Diabetesaliciousness American Girl Diabetes Care Kit, giveaway. 

How to win: leave a comment on the blog stating why you�d like to win an American Girl Diabetes Care Kit  - the winner will be announced on Friday afternoon and will be chosen by 

Who can win: Anyone with diabetes no matter the age, or who has a child/loves a child with diabetes. 
Also, if you're a T1 parent/auntie/uncle, godparent with diabetes, I think that the American GirlDiabetes  Care Kit is an excellent teaching tool for the children in your life to learn about living with diabetes! 

**Please make sure you your blogger ID contain your email address, or leave your email address in your comment. If I can't contact you, or if I don't hear from you by Midnight on Monday, January 25th, I will be forced to choose a new winner. 

American Girl Diabetes Care Kit costs $24, comes with a blood sugar monitor, lancing device, insulin pump, insulin pen, medical bracelet, glucose tablets, log book, I.D. card, stickers, and a carrying case. 
The kit is available at, at all American Girl retail locations, or by calling 1-800-845-0005

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