Clearing My Head & Getting My Walk On

For a while now, I�ve been doing my best to get my walk on
Not everyday, but I�m trying. I don�t get my walk on to focus on my blood sugar, (I mean I do, for as much as I have  to re: my bgs/temp basal rate to actually go for a walk,) and I don�t focus on losing weight - though I�d be lying if I said it wasn�t a goal.  

I don't want to focus on what getting my walk on does for me physically, because then it feels like another diabetes box to check off on my 'diabetes to-do' list. 

I get my walk on to clear my mind and enjoy my surroundings. 
I get my walk notice the little things and the big - I smile at people I see along the way and now there�s few people I see who always wave hello. 
Sometimes I walk for 30 minutes and other times over an hour - music blasting in my headset and I may or may not and some dance moves to my walk . 
Getting my walk on Saturday meant going to the beach and capturing this coolness~
I  take pictures of interesting finds and and the end of the walk I feel really good. 

I get my walk on during lunch, and sometimes I work through lunch and head out a little early to walk before the sun goes down - and the colors of the sky blow me away. 
I�m working on getting my walk at 6am walks - and we shall see.

And not so surprisingl,y on the days I walk and well into the next day I take less insulin and have better bgs. 

So, how do you get your walk on? 

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