"Back To The Future Day," Makes Me Visit My Diabetes Past

Today is �Back to The Future� Day and the Internet is all a buzz with everyone and their mother, debating what "Back To The Future II," got wrong and got right.   
 USA Today even ran a special edition today that is straight from "Back To The Future II."
People continue to bitch about the lack of hover boards and flying cars  - and I get it. 
I�ll be the first to admit that I�ve always been a fan of the hover-board concept. 
To me it would be like surfing on the land instead of the sea ( and I know it�s a skateboard sans the wheels, but whatever,) I could still really get into that.  
And as of late folks have been losing their shit because Nike has been hinting via teaser press releases re: the Nike Air MAG Self lacing sneakers becoming a reality. 
And that�s great, especially for older people and those who suffer from diseases/injuries that attack muscles and motor skills  - I fully support the idea of Nike Air Mag Self Lacing sneakers - and I love the fact that Nike is sending the first pair of those sneakers to Michael J. Fox, who lives with Parkinson's Disease. 
But when I think of the concept of going "back to the future", I always end up going back to my diabetes past -  I think of my busted pancreas magically staring to producing insulin after a 38 year hiatus and with no anti-rejection drugs. 
I think of my Peds Endo telling my 8 year old self that a diabetes cure was 5 to 10 years down the pike.
10 years became 20 and as of October 31, 2015 I will celebrate 38 years of living with t1 diabetes.
I�m incredibly grateful for the advances of diabetes technology and the advent of fast acting insulins, I'm glad to leave the Diabetes Dark Ages behind - I haven't had a day off from diabetes in over 13,000 days, I'm tired of adulting with diabetes, but am so very grateful for the life I live.  
Also, I feeling like I�m forever saying, �HELLO.... MCFLY,� when it comes to talking/fighting/begging my insurance company to cover me for more infusion sets, more test strips and better prices on the life saving elixir of life called insulin - that I require to walk this earth as part of the living. 
Same goes for dealing with the public and the media's diabetes misconceptions.

Yep, a hover board would be awesome... but a busted pancreas that started to produce insulin without anti-rejection drugs would be better. 

So while I can appreciate the wave of nostalgia regarding �Back to The Future Day,� and the significance of October 21, 2015. I still find myself focusing on the significance of October 31st and what it represents regarding my diabetes past and my/our diabetes future~ 

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