Did you know adjusters need an insurance license?

Many consumers are not aware that insurance adjusters are required to have a license.

First, what�s an adjuster? Most people who have had an auto accident or a homeowner�s claim have worked with an adjuster, the person who investigates or reports claims to the insurer. There are three primary types of adjusters:
  • Crop adjusters work on claims under crop insurance.
  • Independent adjusters represent the insurer and work for the insurer. They interact with consumers who file claims with the company.
  • Public adjusters represent the insured. Consumers can hire a public adjuster to represent them to their insurance company. 
Adjusters can get a resident license, meaning that Washington is their state of residence, or they can have a nonresident license, meaning they reside in another state and conduct business in Washington.

Why is important that an adjuster have a license?
Just like an insurance agent or broker has, there are rules of conduct that adjusters must follow. If they don�t, our office can take action against them via a fine and/or taking action against their license. Before you work with an adjuster, regardless of the type of license he or she has, take a moment to look them up in the OIC�s licensing database. You can see the status of the license, agencies the adjuster may represent, and investigations into and disciplinary action taken against the adjuster.

If you have a bad experience with an adjuster, you can file a complaint through our website.

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