Got Coverage? I Dunno!

Since my last blog post in November we have had a whirlwind of ca-razy and of course the holidays.  I hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

Well, the expression of the day for agents (and carriers and subscribers) right now is "I don't know"

Do I have Coverage?  
How can I pay me premium?
What is my premium?
Did Covered CA forward my enrollment information?
Did Covered CA complete my enrollment?
Did my change in plan migration go through yet?
Why do I have to pay for pediatric dental?
How can my doctor/provider/pharmacy verify my new coverage?

And so on.  The answer today......... "I don't know".  That's what the carriers are telling us and unfortunately that's what we have to tell you.  Did I mention that this sucks?

All I can recommend is hold on and wait for a bill/card/welcome kit/anything from the health insurance carriers indicating that they might have actually processed something for you in a timely manner (timely being measure in weeks, not days).  

Blue Shield says they may allow the full 30-day grace period in January to make premium payments for new plans.  Unless you're with Covered CA, then you have until Monday January 6th.  Don't worry, they will bill you sooner or later (hope it's not later)

Anthem has 3 killer options.  1) pay the billed premium even if it's not right or for an old plan 2) pay the premium for the new plan if you know it even though it's more/less than a billed premium, or 3) wait until you actually get the real premium bill for the real plan then they will give you 30 days from that billing date to pay the premium in some kind of pseudo grace period deal-y.  

Can we just unplug the thing?

New Medicare cards are coming starting in April