Sorry To Be Gone So Long

Wanted to get a quick update out here.  Covered California Certification has been a complete time drain and far more lengthy process than I could have imagined.

First the 8 hour mandatory in-person training followed by 4-6 hours (turned into a lot more as the sliders on the slide screens online were jacked up) online followed by an open-book test. Once all of that was done waiting for the follow up e-mail from Covered California letting me complete the contract and become fully certified.  I guess i should be grateful it only took a full week to get that e-mail after I passed the exam (LOL).  

So yesterday I got the famous "e-mail" and contracting paperwork to fill out and sign.  Sent that in this morning so I wonder how long it will be until they actually let me know my login and let me do the profile updates.  

Man, what a process.  AHIP for Medicare Advantage is waaaaaay easier than this even with the carrier specific certifications after the AHIP training.  

Anyway, some day soon I will actually be a Covered California Certified Agent (my mom is so proud now) and can actually complete someone's enrollment and get credit for the sale.  Sigh.

Hope everyone is having a good autumn.

Oh, by the way, a couple of carriers have completely changed their agent direct links for online quotes and applications for 2014 and of course Quotit, my online quoting service, is not even quoting 2014 plans yet so I have to do a complete web site rebuild this week as well.  Sign again!


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