Coachella Style

Celeb street-style round-up from Coachella 2010 Music Festival.  Digging the knit fabrics, cut out silhouettes and short boots (Kate's are from Parisian designer Isabel Marant).

Kate Bosworth

Whitney Port

Lindsay Lohan

As a Coachella virgin, I found this little list to be super helpful. Whitney Port's Top 10 Coachella tips:

Tip #1: Load up on the sunscreen, people! I got crazy burnt my first year, and I�ve never worn anything less than SPF 30 every year after. Also, wear a hat or sunglasses, because the sun is really strong until about 7:30pm.
Tip #2: Wear really comfy shoes � sneakers are definitely best. Feet get really sweaty. NO SANDALS! Your feet will be covered in dirt within the first hour.
Tip #3: Setting up meeting places and times with friends is key to Coachella survival. It�s really easy to get lost, and cell phone reception is not great.
Tip #4: A sheet is definitely a good thing to bring, and it�s easy to fit in your backpack. You�ll be doing a lot of walking around so it�s always nice to have something to sit on.
Tip #5: For your favorite acts, make sure to get to the stage super early. The same goes for when you�re seeing shows in the dance tent, because it fills up really quickly.
Tip #6: Don�t wear anything you don�t mind getting really sweaty or spilled on. If you do, chances are you won�t be wearing them again.
Tip #7: If you are hungry, eat spicy pizza. It�s worth the $7.
Tip #8: Pace yourself, don�t start drinking mimosas at 3pm. Also, drink a LOT of water � it�s good to rotate between alcohol and water to stay hydrated.
Tip #9: Bring a lightweight hoodie � it gets cold once the sun goes down.
Tip #10: This year, since there are �ins and outs�, don�t be afraid to get there early, then leave for a pool/food break, and then come back strong for the evening sets.

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