MOD Style

M.O.D. (model off duty) style n. [usu. as adj.] : 1. a distinctive look characterized by models recently leaving runway, magazine or catalogue shoots; consisting of high-end designer goods mixed with common, everyday apparel. 2. a recent trend in the fashion industry, most notably donned by the Olsen twins. 3. effortless, approachable and chic

Mary Kate Sighting

Spotted: Our favorite fashionista outside the Burberry Prorsum show. Loving the sunglasses & booties. I want.

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010 RTW

I would just like to state that I desperately wish every single piece from the fall collection from Burberry would tumble down from the runway and magically fall into my closet while I am fast asleep tonight...

That is all.

To see the rest, go here.

Clear Jewel Trend

Clear jewel statement pieces are in for spring, cue Olivia Palermo.

Join The Army

Army green is the newest color of the season. Paris is currently strewn with hundreds of military style jackets in this hue, just waiting to be purchased. Zara is one of the first places that I saw some great army green pieces. Some shots from the new Paris Vogue:

Chokers are on their way back. I'm partial to the chunky bracelet layers, can't wait to stock up at Forever when I get back to the states!

Marchesa by Fashiontoast

Titled "details at marchesa".

Girl Crush: Rumi Neely

Fashiontoast's Rumi Neely possesses an amazing sense of style and a knack for taking great photographs. I always look forward to the updates on her site, so unique & creative. I think I have a little bit of a girl crush, don't tell.

Carine Part II

Imagine your personal style being analyzed, duplicated and sold to the masses. For Carine Roitfeld, it's a true story.  The Vogue editing chic Parisienne loves a feminine silhouette, super high heels & an abundance of fur.  In fact there's a whole website dedicated to the woman and her super artistic children...a bit much, no?

Jeepers Creepers Jumpsuit

Amazing piece for your spring wardrobe, throw a light jacket and studded belt over it...just like in the photo!  So versatile. Order yours here.

Love the promotional video.

TT Shoots NYFW

Some shots from New York Fashion Week, thanks to the amazing photographic sensation known as Tommy Ton.   Everything from bejeweled Birkin's to crocodile Givenchy's to models off duty to the queen of the fashion empire herself, Miss Anna Wintour. It's a compilation of a fashionista's heaven. 

If you love his work, you will adore his blog. Check it out here.

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